Life at Orektic:

Our culture is the foundation of our success and it is completely people oriented, touching lives and making a difference to employees, customers, partners and the community at large. We keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback and actively transforming it into action.

We always strive for creating a healthy and safe working environment that allows us to work efficiently on the projects we care about.

We are a bunch of people driven by a passion to build amazing apps. We believe true Team Spirit develops when you learn to face challenges and have fun together! Therefore we work hard together, party harder and enjoy life even more together. Life at Orektic Solutions is a healthy confluence of Work, Fun and Games.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

We pride ourselves on giving back to our wider community as we believe that true success is achieved when positive change in society is driven by you. We serve the development of the people by shaping a future with meaningful opportunities for all.

We believe in removing obstacles to progress and working towards creating opportunities for everyone to have a better future. We believe that a promising future is a digital one and technology can be deployed as an instrument to do good. Our focus is on extending digital skills equitably to people, deploying technology to serve core societal needs, energize local communities by fostering inclusion and driving community well-being.


Supporting Farmers fetch better productivity and price:

We recognize that there is a clear lack of knowledge within a large section of our farming community about the way they can increase their lands productivity by farming multiple crops all through the year. We endeavor to interact with them to help them realize how they can cultivate different crops year round so that the same farmland yields them higher returns.

Moreover most farmers are usually fleeced by unscrupulous traders who pay them a pittance for their produce as they are woefully unaware of how they can fetch a better price for their produce. We guide them on how they can get a fair price for their produce by using technology.


Developing Rural Infrastructure & Education:

Most of the remote villages lack even the basic infrastructure like roads and elementary schools. We endeavor with all our might to help them develop the basic infrastructure by self-help.

As far as education is concerned, we feel helping people educate will not only help them but will help generations ahead and in turn the society and the world at large. We have a responsibility to give back to society. Therefore we endeavor to hold frequent weekend teaching support programs in the areas of education so that the rural children can get basic education. This way we create opportunities for the underprivileged sections and strive towards a more equitable society.


And much more..

Dedicated Café: Push your hunger away with some amazing foods and put your brain into top gear with piping hot tea, coffee.

Party Hard: We have plenty of reasons to party after office hours as one big family. Occasional outings to Resorts and office Happy Hours.

Regular Meet-ups: Monthly interactive sessions over various assignments are no less than a party.

De-stress: We have plenty of games and recreation facilities to de-stress after a tiring day at work.

Life at Orektic Solutions is thus about growing and enjoying life together in all aspects be it emotional, financial or professional.