Fully Custom Layouts

Build layouts from scratch with easy drag and drop functionality.

Seamlessly change structure without any coding knowledge.


Build with 20+ components

Access a rich library of pre-built, interactive, highly configurable components.

Bind them with your Salesforce data

Hybrid Process Assignment

Define your business processes with Workflows

Event driven flexibility for unstructured tasks and interaction between different screens and components


Dry run before publishing & you are good to go!

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Native Low Code App Builder

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components make it easy to create powerful and engaging applications within Salesforce itself.

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Multiple Objects in One Screen

Bind multiple objects in one single screen via models. Create complex data relationships and interactions with ease.

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Variety of Components

20+ highly customizable and interactive Components like Forms, buttons, sections, charts, timer, repeater and more.

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Event Driven UI Workflows

Seamlessly connect layouts for a dynamic user experience. Invoke business workflows on various events.

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Screen Interactions

Communicate between layouts or components. Create engaging user experiences by linking actions and events across your app's interface.

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Conditional Components

Conditional components visibility/disabled/read-only. Dynamically adapt your app's interface to user input and application state.

Enjoy a more intuitive and flexible app-building experience as compared to wizard-based tools.

Create stunning and functional apps without coding expertise.

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