Effortless rollup creation for your Salesforce data

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Discover everything you can do with PWR Rollups

Overcome Salesforce Limitations

Set upto 5 levels of object hierarchy and

Works on any kind of relationship - Master-Detail as well as Lookup

Streamlined setup

Create multiple rollups in one go having the same hierarchy

Create new fields directly from config

Granular Control

Comprehensive data aggregation

Apply custom filters and logic to make rollup action specific


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Easy-to-use UI

Manage your rollups with our simple and intuitive interface.

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Recalulate Records

Update legacy data with our re-calulate tool with filters.

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Data Aggregation

Apply aggregation functions, such as SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, and COUNT, to summarize data points.

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No Coding Required

Empower anyone to leverage the power of rollups without the technical hurdles.

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Version Management

Track changes and revert to previous versions, if needed.

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Salesforce Native

Works seamlessly with your existing Salesforce data.

Proven Scalability and Reliability

Tested on millions of records.

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