image_not_found is an application that is used to store attachments on your own storage server in any of the following storage servers: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Local Disc. It is just like standard Salesforce attachments without any built-in maximum size limit & unlimited storage space.

Major features:

  • It has the ability to attach Better, Faster & Bigger files with great features of drag & drop, upload progress, large file support, pause and resume with many options of storage like Azure, Amazon, FTP, SFTP, or NAS
  • It is supported by modern browsers and allows you the easiest way to manage your attachments in Salesforce
  • Moreover, you have total ownership of your data and easy back-ups as well as maintaining versions of files. You can go back to any version of your document
  • You can attach your documents to most Standard objects or Custom objects you like, maintain comments of attachments and have the ability to create Salesforce reports for these attachments just like any other objects