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  • Display activities from multiple objects
  • Show dynamic set of fields for each object
    on the timeline
  • Set filters for each object
  • Expand/collapse individual item & in bulk
  • Timeline sorting
  • Relative time display (age)
  • Visual representation/identification for
    each activity

Progress Bar

  • Visually track progress
  • Select your own variant – static or
    record based
  • Horizontal & Vertical view
  • Customise UI with size, radius, padding
    and more
  • Display completion percentage or value


  • Visualize ratings
  • Choose icon & size
  • Static or record based
  • Read or receive input from user

Button Group

  • Button with icons
  • Place anywhere on the page
  • Configure the variant you want
  • Support custom and standard actions
  • Invoke flow
  • Conditional visibility and disability
  • Group overflow menu

Icon Group

  • Read & Write
  • Static values
  • Record based values
  • Static and Dynamic filtering
  • All SLDS Categories & Sizes

Latest Components

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Visual Picker

  • Enhanced User Interaction
  • Use of Visual elements such as Icon, Images & Text
  • Record based values
  • All SLDS Categories & Sizes

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  • Enhanced User Experience with Intuitive slider
  • Configurable Step Size
  • Conditional Visibility
  • Optimum Space Utilization

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Net Promoter Score

  • Real Time Customer Insights
  • Analyze using Promoters, Passives & Detractors
  • Record based values
  • All SLDS Categories & Sizes

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